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Applicant Privacy Policy

What categories of personal data does Porsche Retail Group Limited ("Porsche") collect about me and why?

"Personal data" means any information relating to you. During the application process, Porsche will collect, process and use your personal data, for a range of different purposes. For example:

What personal data?


Identification - your name, nationality, national insurance number, bank details

Contact details

Education and work experience

Organisational data

Information collected as part of your interview process

Background check information

Other application data (e.g. information contained in your CV and obtained from recruiters)

To process your application

To determine your eligibility for the role you have applied for

To conduct background checks as part of your application

To communicate with you about future job opportunities

To comply with the law and our obligations

To communicate with you and with Porsche employees and third parties

To comply with our financial and regulatory obligations

It's important to know that Porsche may also need to process sensitive personal data about you such as health and medical data, criminal records data, race or ethnicity data and sexual orientation data.

Find out more about what data Porsche processes and why by reading the detailed Applicant Privacy Notice, a copy of which can be found via the following link: http://www.porscheretailgroup.co.uk/applicant-privacy-policy

Who might Porsche share my personal data with, and what happens if it's transferred out of the UK?

As you may know, we are part of the global Porsche AG group - and entities across the Porsche network are involved in processing data. We might also need to transfer your data to other third parties - e.g. potential business partners, acquiring entities, suppliers, or government bodies. Our policy is to limit who has access to that data as much as we can. If we need to transfer data out of the UK, Porsche will take all necessary measures to ensure your data is adequately protected. Find out more about who your data is shared with, and what steps we take to protect it via the Applicant Privacy Notice.

How long will Porsche keep my personal data for?

We won't keep it for any longer than we need to, either to comply with the law or to ensure that we are complying with our obligations to you and other third parties.  Find out more via the Applicant Privacy Notice.

What rights do I have in respect of my personal data?

You have a number of rights in relation to your data. These include a right to access, correct and erase your data as well as more technical rights to restrict the way we process it, and to transfer your data.

Your rights are important, and we've set them out in detail in the Applicant Privacy Notice.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

If you have concerns or questions regarding your personal data, please contact:

HR Manager, Porsche Retail Group Limited, HR Department, Bath Road, Calcot, RG31 7SG or 01189 303 666

The contact details of the relevant individual within our Regulatory, Legal and Compliance function are as follows:

Data Protection Officer, Porsche Cars Great Britain Limited, Bath Road, Calcot, Reading, Berkshire, RG31 7SE

Email: compliancehelpdesk@porsche.co.uk

Telephone:  01189 303 666

Updated as of 02/10/2019.

Full Applicant Privacy Policy

Porsche Retail Group Applicant Privacy Policy

Find out more about what data Porsche processes and why by reading the detailed Applicant Privacy Notice below.

Porsche Retail Group Applicant Privacy Policy