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Porsche Macan Magic Mirror


At Porsche, we believe every car should be a sports car. Therefore we teamed up with interactive ad agency Thinkingbox to do just that.

Drivers pulling up in the valet area at their local shopping mall got to visualize themselves behind the wheel of a new Porsche Macan. All sorts of cars were transformed in the Magic Mirror using the latest cutting-edge software wizardry. See the video here .

The new Macan is the sports car of the SUV segment. It packs the driving pleasure and power of a serious sports car with all of the comfort of a luxury SUV.

Martin Lover, the Guardian Porsche Macan: car review “The Macan champions all that Porsche holds dear: eye-bulging acceleration and jowel-trembling braking coupled with extreme agility and optimum steering precision”

Can you see yourself in a Macan? Come see for yourself at our Centre or find out more about the Macan here .