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Porsche winter wheels and tyres


Below 7°C the rubber compound in your tyres hardens, causing a drop in performance and an increase in braking distance by up to 12%*.

While your Porsche is engineered to be used all year round, you can improve performance, enhance driving pleasure and ensure greater safety in cold, wet and snowy conditions by fitting Porsche winter wheels and tyres.

Plus, Porsche tyres are ‘N’ rated to signify that they have been tested and approved for your car. This means they meet high standards for driving stability, comfort and fuel consumption. For more information, please view our  winter wheels and tyres brochure.

To see the benefits of Porsche N-rated winter tyres in action, please view our  winter tyres video.  

Porsche winter wheel and tyre sets are available from a recommended retail price of  £1,700.00 incl. VAT and fitting dependent on your model**. While your summer wheels and tyres are off the road, we can securely store them for you during the autumn and winter period.

For more information about Porsche winter wheels and tyres, including wheel and tyre storage costs, or to place an order, please contact our Parts department. 

*Summer tyres versus winter tyres. Braking with ABS on wet road surface, 50 to 0 mph at 3°C. 
**Winter wheels and tyres sets are currently unavailable for 911 (Type 996), Boxster (Type 986) and E1 Cayenne models.