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The new Cayenne E-Hybrid

The new Cayenne E-Hybrid


Porsche are delighted to announce the expansion of the E-Hybrid range with the new Cayenne E-Hybrid, combining the best driving dynamics in its class with maximum efficiency.

The 3.0 litre turbocharged V6 engine produces 250kW (340hp), gradually delivering power and torque as it picks up speed. The maximum torque of the 100kW (136hp) electric motor is immediately available, resulting in an enormous total system torque of 700Nm. The boost strategy matches that of the 918 Spyder supercar - pure sports car performance. The Cayenne E-Hybrid accelerates from 0 to 62mph in a mere 5.0 seconds*, with a top speed of 157mph.

Its all-electric range of 14 miles to 27 miles theoretically allows you to complete an entire working day in the city without using the combustion engine – with a top speed of up to 83mph. Battery capacity has improved significantly in the Cayenne E-Hybrid, along with the distance on electricity and the boost reserves: in comparison to the previous model, capacity increased from 10.8 to 14.1 kWh, an increase of around 30 per cent. The fluid-cooled battery, stored beneath the loading floor in the rear of the car, consists of eight cell modules with 13 prismatic lithium ion cells each. Within 7.8 hours, the high-voltage battery is charged fully via a 230 volt connection with ten amps. If the optional 7.2 kilowatt on-board charger and a 230 volt connection with 32 amps are used as an alternative to the standard 3.6 kilowatt charger, the battery is ‘filled up’ again after only 2.3 hours.

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Fuel consumption combined 3.4 – 3.2 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 78 – 72 g/km; energy consumption: 20.9 – 20.6 kWh/100 km.

*Where it is safe and legal to do so.