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Porsche News Update - Edition 3 2020

Porsche News Update - Edition 3 2020


This year continues to bring fresh challenges for us all, yet the automotive world demonstrated its resilience and ability to adapt by recently holding two iconic events, postponed from earlier this year. Goodwood SpeedWeek was a celebration of motoring and motorsport, a showcase of past and present automotive legends, whilst the world renowned 24 Hours of Le Mans had its usual heady mix of tension, excitement and determination, despite the lack of spectators. While the public were not permitted, the latest developments in digital technology meant these events were able to be shared with fans worldwide to bring the excitement and some of the unique atmosphere into living rooms and onto mobile devices wherever you were.

 We have recently launched the new Panamera, a model that has consistently defied convention and pushed boundaries, injecting sports car performance into the luxury saloon segment. Now the range benefits from improvements in power, efficiency and a sharpened design and innovative new models demonstrate an unwavering commitment to forge our own path.

Finally, with the change in season and colder weather approaching, now is the time to consider fitting your Porsche with winter wheels and tyres to ensure maximum safety and performance in all road conditions.

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