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The Porsche Classic Online Shop


Ageing is inevitable. We all need a spare part at some point… and classic cars are no different. Thanks to the Porsche Classic Online Shop , it has never been easier to find what you need.

The Porsche Classic Online Shop is dedicated to classic Porsche vehicles, stocking over 3,000 genuine parts and accessories. From body and suspension components and model-specific tool kits to Porsche Classic Communication Management (PCCM) infotainment enhancements or official merchandise, Porsche customers can find it all here.

With such an extensive catalogue, it is no wonder that more than 70% of all Porsche cars ever made are still on the road today. That, and the commitment of its drivers. And because every part sold is a genuine one, they help to make sure that every Porsche is still a Porsche.

But it's not just parts that are available, there is a wealth of other desirable lifestyle accessories for the Porsche enthusiast to choose from.


The ORIGINALE collector’s edition
Now in its sixth issue, marking the end of the first series, ORIGINALE is celebrating this milestone with an exclusive compilation. Limited to just 5,000 copies worldwide, this collector’s edition boxset of the Porsche Classic catalogue ‘ORIGINALE’ comes in a matching slipcase.

This boxset includes all previously published issues, ORIGINALE 01-06, even those now out of print.

Part number: PCG00100620
Price: £65.99 incl. VAT


Enamel plate Porsche Classic – Porsche Crest
The Porsche Classic Crest is a new edition of the early 1960s original. This enamel sign is wall mountable and would be equally at home in a garage, study or studio space.

The Porsche Crest was first introduced as a quality seal for the 356 back in 1952. Initially developed by advertising manager Herrmann Lapper designer Xaver Reimspie. Legend has it, Reimspie was also responsible for designing the Volkswagen logo back in 1936.

Part number: 64470100710
Price: £325.93 incl. VAT


No matter what you're looking for, ordering is easy. Simply visit the Porsche Classic Online Shop , search for what you need and place your order.