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Go electric with Porsche.

It’s time to go electric with Porsche.


With climate change becoming an increasing concern, and fuel prices rising to record levels, there’s never been a better time to think about an electric vehicle.

One of the points many people are apprehensive about when it comes to battery electric vehicles, is the range. Can you get to where you want to go without having to stop off to recharge? The good news is that battery technology is improving all the time. The Porsche Taycan models can go up to 313* miles on a single charge. As well as the obvious environmental benefits, charging an electric car is considerably cheaper than running a petrol or diesel fuelled car.

So, what about access to charging points? The Porsche Charging Service (activated via Porsche Connect) gives access to over 200,000 charging points across Europe.  Without PCS, there are currently more than 30,000 public charging points across the UK, many of which are rapid chargers that can bring you back to 80% battery capacity in approximately half an hour. You can find out more about the national charging point network here . Of course, the most convenient way to charge your Taycan is via your own home charging point. For the installation of charging hardware at your home, our recommended provider for home installation services, Andersen EV, can support you through this process if you require. Please contact us for further information on the Porsche Taycan range.


* Porsche Taycan model range, range (combined)  (Performance Battery Plus)